General dentistry

Dental treatment with different fillings (amalgam, composite and glass ionomer fillings) as well as root canal therapy.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment helps to save teeth with infectious pulp tissue (tooth’s immune system, which consists of nerve fibers and blood vessels) which is caused by caries or leakage of an old filling. The aim of treatment is to eliminate bacteria from the root canal system by chemomechanical cleaning and tight-seal (obturation).

Children’s dentistry

A child’s first contact with dentistry should be as early as possible to ensure that the child gets used to the environment and is not afraid of dentists.

Treatment of gum diseases

Treatment of gum diseases consists of removal of different deposits (tartar) from teeth. We use different devices and methods for removal.


The types of dentures may be divided into two larger groups: fixed and removable dentures. Additionally it is possible to make combined dentures where only part of the denture is removable.

Artificial crowns and bridges

Dental crowns made in a dental laboratory are used to replace the natural crown of a damaged tooth

Dental implants

The base of a dental implant (a special screw) is surgically placed into the jawbone in order to replace the missing dental roots.

Professionaalne hammaste puhastus

Professionaalne hammaste puhastus on üks kõige kindlam vahend hambaaukude ja igemehaiguste ennetamiseks.

Suuõõne kirurgia

Suuõõne kirurgia all mõistame suusiseseid operatsioone, mida on võimalik teostada hambaravitoolis, näiteks tarkusehamba eemaldamine, juuretipu või tsüsti eemaldamine, huule-ja keelikida operatsioonid.